CollectIT™ – The Wholesale Pharmacy Management System (WPMS)

Buying with CollectIT™ - the Wholesale Pharmacy Management System (WPMS) from Tradax

Using CollectIT allows us to maximise purchasing opportunities whilst greatly reducing staff time spent processing supplier orders.

AE Petersen, Newport, UK

Buying stock with CollectIT™

The Buying module allows for automatic upload of one or many customer Purchase Orders, and commences buying systematically to fulfil the purchase order to your pre-defined buying patterns. This can be for single or multi-site operations.

CollectIT™ works continually to fulfil your customer Purchase Orders with minimal intervention other than booking in received stock and maintaining buying rules. This can have an immediate effect on your business, freeing up staff time and removing the worry of cover for holidays and sickness.

The potential cost savings by relieving expensive staff time from the more bureaucratic work will improve the trading performance of your wholesale operation.


Purchase order (buying)

Purchase order

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