CollectIT™ – The Wholesale Pharmacy Management System (WPMS)

Optimising with CollectIT™ - the Wholesale Pharmacy Management System (WPMS) from Tradax

Using CollectIT allows us to separate Wholesale activity from the core pharmacy business, increasing the level of financial control and providing accurate profit margins.

Chave & Jackson Ltd, Hereford, UK

Optimising stock with CollectIT™

CollectIT™ allows for a range of customer Purchase Orders to be uploaded, with the choice of where to sell the collected stock remaining entirely within the Pharmacy owner's control.

Updated prices from each customer PO are held within the system, and can be viewed against each product. The Optimising module will allocate each product to the highest customer price, offering the best price for all stock and maximisation of gross margins. However, you can choose to override the stock allocation to satisfy individual arrangements and customer requirements in terms of product range or order value.

This module facilitates reporting of individual product purchase by branch and overall operation, as well as total turnover and profit. All of the information can be easily exported to MS Excel for further analysis or to inform management accounts if required.


Screenshot (optimising)


Screenshot (optimising graph output

Graphical output

Screenshot (spreadsheet output)


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